Apex Legends Mobile releases on May 17; new mobile-exclusive legend Fade confirmed in launch trailer

Just hours before the formal launch, Respawn Entertainment also released the launch trailer of the game showcasing the new game modes. Here is everything fans need to know about the upcoming Apex Legends Mobile game including the India launch time.

Apex Legends Mobile is scheduled to be released globally today on May 17, 2022. The game by popular game developer Respawn Entertainment will feature mobile-exclusive game modes and 10 legends at the start. These ten legends will also include a new mobile-exclusive legend called Fade. Just hours before the formal launch of the game, Respawn Entertainment also released the gameplay launch trailer highlighting the new game modes and Fade's void abilities. Here is everything Apex Legends fans need to know about the upcoming Apex Legends Mobile smartphone game including the India launch time.

Apex Legends Mobile gameplay launch trailer

As noted above, the developers released a new gameplay launch trailer just hours before the release of the game. This trailer confirmed that the game will come with 4 game modes at launch including Classic Battle Royale, 3v3, Quick Battle, and Team Deathmatch. Classic Battle Royale is the standard game mode with a total of 20 teams where each team will have 3 players each. 3v3 mode is the smartphone version of the Arenas mode available in Apex Legends while Quick Battle is a shorter, faster version of battle royale. 

The 3v3 Arena mode will be available on three maps which are Thermal Station, Artillery and Overflow. Team Deathmatch will feature five maps including Market, Artillery, Overflow and Thermal Station. The fifth area will be Skull Town, marking the return of the most iconic area from Apex Legends' Kings Canyon map. 

The trailer also confirmed Fade as the mobile-exclusive legend along with the abilities of the character. Fades' Void ability allows the legend to go back to the previous location. The passive ability of the character also allows the legend to gain a short movement boost at the end of a slide performed by players. Focusing on the ultimate ability of the character, Phase Chamber allows Fade to send nearby legends into the void. Circling back to the game launch, Apex Legends is set to launch in India at 2:30 PM. Players can download the free-to-play game from Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS devices.

Apex Legends Mobile details

The new trailers and information came just weeks after EA first announced the launch of Apex Legends Mobile on May 17th. Recapping the information that we know; Apex Legends Mobile will be free-to-play on Android and iOS after being in development for the last two years. The game has already seen over 10 million pre-registrations since the announcement. The game will introduce the classic World’s Edge map on the smartphone along with the original Kings Canyon map. Respawn Entertainment earlier confirmed that it has made game modes "from the ground up" for Apex Legends Mobile for a better experience. 

Here’s the list of Legends that will be available at the launch of Apex Legends Mobile: 

1. Mirage
2. Octane
3. Wraith
4. Bloodhound
5. Pathfinder
6. Lifeline
7. Caustic
8. Gibraltar
9. Bangalore
10. Fade

Not support controllers and emulators at launch

Apex Legends Mobile developers clarified that due to technical issues, support for controllers and emulators will not be available at launch. In a preview showcase, Respawn Entertainment said that it is "actively working on" the controller support. However, there will be no support for emulators, at least not soon enough. The developers also advised players to avoid emulators since they will be flagged as hacking software by the anti-cheat system in Apex Legends Mobile. 

No change to the game lore

According to a report by Dot Esports, Senior director of product Myke Hoff also confirmed that the developers will not be rewriting the lore for the game. Instead, "Our going storytelling and the stories you’re familiar with will push into areas players have wanted to hear more of and to unpack more of the backstory that helped shape this world." He added that season 1 will tell the story of the Syndicate and how they influenced the Apex Games. A season would last approximately two months and the game's narrative would progress "in two parts, month over month and week over week," as per Hoff.

Apex Legends reports the highest engagement since its launch

Apex Legends has experienced a 40 percent increase in net bookings year-over-year, as revealed in EA’s financial results for FY 2022. The battle royale game has also reported its “highest engagement” since the game’s launch in 2019.  EA saw an increase of 12 percent which took overall year-over-year revenue to $7.5 billion. About 71 percent of those net bookings came from live service games. EA earned $1.8 billion in revenue in the last quarter (ending March 21, 2022) which was an increase of 38 percent from the same quarter in 2021. The major publisher saw an increase of 196 percent from last year’s Q4 when it comes to the next income. EA garnered $225 million in net income. 

EA specifically mentioned FIFA and Lord of the Rings alongside Apex Legends behind their strong financial results. While Apex Legends saw a 40 percent increase in net bookings, FIFA 22 was dubbed "the most successful game in franchise history” by EA. FIFA 22 had a total of over 150 million players. Lord of the Rings series was also mentioned by EA as part of the games that drove EA's growth for FY 2022.