ESPL Season 2: Kaztro wins ESPL Streamer Showdown with incredible comeback performance

Day 1 of Invitational Qualifiers - 1 Week 2 took place yesterday between 24 top teams left in ESPL.

ESPL 2 Streamer Showdown ended with Kaztro pulling off an incredible comeback to win the showdown. Kaztro was trailing by 20 points at the end of Day 1 with Hydra Hrishav leading. Day 2 kicked off and Kaztro took matters into his hands. Not only did he turn the deficit around, but he also won comfortably at the end with 15 points lead. Hydra Hrishav came in second on the leaderboard while Pradhan, the power streamer of the day for the second time, was the second runner-up. 

ESPL Streamer Showdown

Kaztro had a total of 130 points split between 64 finishes, 66 place points, and 2 wins. Hydra Hrishav had a win to his name, 60 place points, and 55 finishes totaling 115 points. Pradhan, in at 3rd, was the power streamer on both days (6 finishes on Day 1 and 8 finishes on Day 2). 

Yesterday, Day 1 of the Invitational Qualifiers - 1 Week 2 took place. The top 24 teams of ESPL competed against each other in a Round Robin format. A total of 16 teams from Invitational Qualifiers - 1 will qualify for the Super Weekend (Week 2).

How to watch Invitational Qualifiers - 1 Week 2 live

Esports fans can watch the action unfold live on Loco, the exclusive digital broadcast partner of ESPL. Loco will be live streaming the competition in English and Hindi from 2 PM to 7 PM. Today, Day 2 of Invitational Qualifiers - 1 Week 2 will take place.

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