Gamers raised over $13.5m for charity in 2021: Humble Social Impact Report

Gamers continue to help create a difference in the world by donating to over 15,000 charities. Check out the detailed report from Humble Bundle down below.

The report was published on April 6 which featured details of all their contributions to charities last year. Humble Bundle is a digital store for video games that donates a part of the revenue to various charities. They raised $13.5 million for over 15,000 charities in 2021.

Gaming is an activity that continues to be frowned upon by many even in 2022. Even in the era of esports and streamers, gaming is seen as a recreational activity at best. Gaming is widely believed to be a cause of violent tendencies experienced in the real world. Humble Bumble originated in this world a decade ago with a vision to be more than a digital store for video games.

They offer game bundles that allow gamers to decide how much they want to pay and what portion of their payments go to charities. Gamers can pick the charity they want to donate to and set a custom amount that gets split between game developers, Humble Bundle, and the charities. 

Since 2010, they have donated to over 35,000 charities and have raised more than $200,000,000 for charities. Their 2021 Social Impact report shows how gamers around the world helped to contribute towards making the world a better place, especially during the global pandemic. 

Humble Bundle Social Impact Report details

Humble Bundle created a new bundle in May last year called Heal: COVID-19 bundle. It offered games, books, and software to gamers. Gamers helped raise over $1.1 million in charities for India and Brazil during the tough waves of COVID-19. The digital store donated 100% of the revenue to charity to help both countries in their battle against coronavirus. Humble Bundle raised over $13.5 million for over 15,000 charities last year. 

Partnership with No Kid Hungry, Covenant House, Action Against Hunger, and charity: water and WaterAid among a plethora of other organizations helped them provide 1.8 million meals to those who needed it and they provided drinking water to over 25,000 people. 

Humble Bundle also joined the alliance called Playing for the Planet. More than 1 billion gamers from around the globe help the UN-facilitated alliance reduce emissions, plant trees, and reduce the use of plastic in products. 

It’s not only the Humble Bundle. The entire gaming industry and the community help towards making the world better. Epic Games, through the sheer power of the Fortnite community, donated over $144 million for humanitarian relief in Ukraine. Microsoft committed over $35 million to support those in Ukraine.

Gamers can find a variety of deals in many official stores. Some chose Humble Bundle to buy their favorite games as it allowed them to make a social impact and contribute to a better world.