Halo Infinite new trailer shows what is coming up in Season 2: Lone Wolves

Season 2: Lone Wolves releases on May 3rd and brings with it new maps and other updates. Here's every new information that you need to know.

Halo Infinite has released a new trailer on April 8th, for its Season 2: Lone Wolves, ahead of its May 3rd release. The trailer comes with another very long post describing what can be expected in the upcoming updates of Season 2. After the announcement of Lone Wolves, which introduced two new maps for Big Team Battle and Arena mode, this is the second “Outcomes Report”. 343 Industries, reflects upon the feedbacks they have received from their audience, and lists the modifications that they have accordingly adopted or are planning to with Season 2. To know more about the highlights of that are going to be in Season 2, read on. 

Season 1-Outcomes Report 2 for Live 

The Trailer

The trailer provides us glimpses of the Breaker map and the gameplay in the Last Spartan Standing mode, both available in Big Team Battle. The Breaker map mostly has an arid, desert environment with colours yellow and red in abundance. We get to see lasers shooting from this hot pit of what seems to be lava.  The trailer closes with a still of three Spartans in red, green and blue helmet. 
Updates to look forward to in Lone Wolves

More microtransactions coming up

Regarding the request for allowing customisation using individual items from bundles or kits, the post mentions a potential increase in the rate of ‘offer refreshes’, which might even lead to the addition of a second page.  It also adds, “we’ve started selling items individually when possible, tried to better standardize pricing based on value, and focused on reducing prices across the board”. This practice will be continued in the future as well. 

Battle Pass and Progression

A ‘Career Progression’ system will soon be added. Per-match XPs will also be awarded, and there’s a possibility that time-based Double XP boosts will be removed. Future updates are going to bring in better weekly Ultimate Rewards and improved Event Passes. More customisation content will be coming to the Battle Pass free track, along with an extra tier containing up to 1000 CR on the Premium track.  Additionally, the Killjoy Challenges have been removed. 


The developers write that they “will be doing a better job of making Event content available in the normal matchmaking rotation starting in Season 2”. Also, changes can be expected in the schedule of event and weekly challenges. 

In addition, bug fixes and other improvements will be added from time to time.