Major changes demanded and recommended by Valorant players regarding Omen

Omen is also a popular controller in Valorant mainly because of the skill set and pattern of the agent, whereas the agent has a quick ability to use smokes and the ability can be used again and teleportation majorly helps in one vs one situations.

After all the changes have been always a setback for the ultimate ability of an omen named – from the shadows.
Whereas the ult is majorly used for sneaking among the enemy scouts in any area or for picking up the spike still there has not been seen a bigger impact from the ult ability compared to other ults.

Even many players have requested for a rework and changes to be made for making it more viable and useful later there also has a long thread created by Reddit users by the 21st of May. The ultimate ability minimum requires a seven ult point as it stands for Astra’s wall, revival ability of sage, and seekers of Skye whereas there has always been noticed a downgrade in 

Omen’s ult has been a weakening point in front of Ult like ult of Reyna‘s ult named the empress which has the ability 
of providing a squad wipe  
Whereas players have suggested change in more than just 5-6 ults points just like Reyna, Cypher, and even Phoniex.

Whereas other suggestions also had the likes of changing the characteristics of Omen can be improved where Omen can be a little protective agent as during his ult there can be things like a small paranoia effect or toxic version and even would help Omen even after teleportation which as the ultimate is concerned many have suggested that Let the player pre-set where they want to TP which in turn allows you to instantly TP by just pressing alt key again. That takes out a lot of unnecessary delay in his ult, , there are a lot of different ways Omen’s Valorant ultimate can be buffed, even if it’s something as simple as reducing its cost.