Valorant streamer JimmyJam receives ban while playing at the Riot Headquarters

One of the popular Valorant streamers JimmyJam got banned while playing at the headquarters of Riot Games.

A strange incident took place with a Valorant streamer while playing the game at the Riot Games Headquarters. JimmyJam, a Valorant streamer got banned while playing the Swift Play match at the Riot Headquarters. The ban came as a surprise as it happened right under the nose of Riot Games who is the developer and publisher of the famous FPS title Valorant. 

It was just 5 minutes of going into the match when a ban notice "You have been banned from playing Valorant" popped up on the screen of Jimmy's system. The match was immediately suspended with his teammates getting the notice "Cheater Detected" on their screen. However, the incident has been called a case of False Detection as the streamer was playing on Riot's system. 

Jimmy's teammates and fellow streamers took the whole incident in a fun manner and tweeted a video of it. The video clearly showed the ban notice on Jimmy's PC. Here is the tweet -


On the other hand, Jimmy and other streamers were invited by Riot Games to play the Swift Play at the headquarters which didn't go as per the plan. 

However, Riot lifted the ban from JimmyJam's account stating it as a case of false detection. Now, this is a major concern for players who grind hard and develop skills in the game as it might happen with them too. Riot Games definitely needs to resolve this issue, otherwise, innocent players will be affected by it. 

Valorant is known for its strong anti-cheat system but the developer needs to improve on the part of false case that have common in recent times.